Tile, Coping & Plaster Resurfacing Process

Tile, Coping & Plaster Resurfacing Process

A pool, like any other asset, needs time and attention to stay looking new by making minor repairs to prevent major, expensive problem's. In this example, coping stones (tiles, edging materials) can become loose and need to be re-set with mortar. Each stone is removed, cleaned and mortared in place to re-establish stability, integrity and safety.

Our stone mason and licensed pool contractor meticulously reset the stones, checking for drift, protecting below tiles from damage and applying grout.

Once stones are reset, grout has been applied, the next step is to apply a water proof "mastic" to prevent future drift and prevent water from seeping and expanding into the ground around the pool.

The final step is to apply sand to the mastic to give it a grout like appearance and a professional fit and finish.

We have over 38 years of remodeling experience, so you can rest assured we'll make your pool look as good as new. To get top-of-the-line craftsmanship for an affordable price, schedule an appointment with our pool contractors today. No pool is too big or small for us to handle.

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