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We live in an age (viruses, bacterias, algae and contaminants) where it is imperative to keep your Pool or Spa in optimal condition with regular cleaning. We offer a variety of residential and commercial cleaning programs and we'll help you find the one that works for your usage patterns and budget. Our team cleans, measures and records your pool or spa conditions and will send you real-time test results. You will always know, whether your home or not, what we did and when we did it. Proper water balance is equally important to prolong the life of pool equipment. Numerous additional services are available to repair equipment, plumbing, lose tile, coping or plaster.

NOTE: Residential and commercial hot tubs should be drained and filled at least every three months, to keep your spa clean, safe, sanitary and free of residual bio-films and or stale, ineffective chemicals.

We offer three levels of service for your pools and hot tubs. Our maintenance programs are proven to increase the life of the expensive equipment you rely on.

We Have a Pool Service Option For Everyone's Budget

Options may include:

Test, Balance, & Maintain Proper Chemistry
Record Chemical Readings & Adjustments
Visually Inspect & Report Concerns/Repairs
Leave Door Hanger
Net/Skim Pool and/or Spa
Vacuum Pool
Brush Pool/Spa as Needed
Clean Skimmer Basket(s)
Clean Pump Basket(s)
Backwash Filter
Clean Filter Once Per Season
Blow Off Debris from Cover & Decking
Blow Out Cover Box
Clean Water Line Off Tile Once Per Season
Clean Cover 2x Per Month

We Stock Equipment and Supplies For Do-It-Yourself Repairs Or Maintenance

For DIY maintenance, we have our own complete line of chemicals, filters, and supplies available in our showroom. When you buy a hot tub from us, you get a lifetime discount on our service products.