Randall Carr

Here is a big shout out to Kaleb and Adrienne! Kaleb has serviced our pool and spa a few times now. He is very courteous and experienced, he explains everything very well and gets the job done right, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. And Adrienne helps us out so much, she is so understanding and works with us to get everything business related just the way we need it, she is also a great pleasure to work with. I would like to thank them both very much for all they do for us. They are both such a great asset to your organization.

Bob Vendegna

This was the second time I visited this business. The staff was very professional and provided me with the information I needed.

Dedra Swanstrom

Amazing old school service. Alicia was determined to help me get the part I needed and did. So great to do business with a company that actually cares! Thanks!

Gordon Trounson

I love this place. Alisha is awesome!! Cute too. Anyway, she is so helpful and knowledgeable with my pool and hot tub (HT) .The prices are reasonable and the helpful information about taking care of my pool ant HT and fantastic. The accurate free water testing (yes, you need to take in a sample from your pool) are a huge help. Anyway, thank you Alisha and staff for the wonder and no pressure service you provide to me enjoying my pool and HT all year long.

Harold Alvarado

Great service and very friendly

Jenney Green

Brad Surkamer

Alisha has been instrumental getting my pool back in balance. Taking the time to make sure I understand the correct steps and helping place special orders for the chemicals so I have enough to last the season. So happy I ran in for a second pair of eyes. Thank you so much!!

Chris Theila

So incredibly helpful, testing my water and providing step by step instructions to get my pool back into pristine shape!

sarah skeem

Teja Indukuri

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Ben Hertzler

Very Helpful & knowledgeable!

Kathryn G.

Very kind, easy to talk to. I was able to get what I needed for pool set up.

Bobbi Hilke

Very friendly and knowledgeable, repair staff right on with what was wrong and had it fixed in no time

Jan Mendez

I went in and brought a sample of my pool water, I was having trouble figuring out what was wrong. Alesha (I'm sure I have it spelled wrong) tested the water and took the time to go over my issues and explain what was happening. She didn't rush me along or sell me anything that wasn't needed. Very friendly and knowledgeable, if you're in the market for a customer friendly experience definitely stop on by.

Angelo T.