Water Quality Overview

A Spa or Hot Tub contains heated water (95 - 104○F) vigorously circulated and further agitated by air injected into the water. Turbulent water leads to increased evaporation, sanitizer depletion, increased bather oils and chemical consumption all of which can adversely affect water quality. Routine spa management will keep your hot tub clean, safe and healthy and extend the life of the equipment with the intent of providing years of enjoyment. Note: two people in 1 hot tub equals 80 people in a small swimming pool.

Cloudy Water

Often caused by an old or dirty filter, poor or inadequate circulation, body oils (bio-film), foaming or algae growth. Solution I: clean the filters with Bio-Dex Filter Clean. Using LaMotte test strips, check your chemistry levels including chlorine/ Bromine levels or bring in a sample and we'll test it for free. For cloudy water we also recommend adding HASA Enzyme Treatment and Water Clarifier weekly and always use HASA Shock Oxidizer after every use. Solution II: If it's been more than 3 months since the water has been changed or it is contaminated, drain the spa, clean, replace the filters, clean lines with Leisure Time Line Flush (run jets 30 minutes), refill with filtered water (Culligan hose filter) and add back appropriate amounts of chemicals. Spa chemicals and filters are available in our store (curbside delivery available) call us at 208-287-3747 x 3.

Chemical Balance

When using LaMotte test strips, standard levels are as follows: PH 7.2 - 7.8, Free Chlorine 1 - 3, Total Chlorine 1 - 3, Total Alkalinity 80 - 120 ppm, Total Hardness 250 - 450 ppm. Please contact our store if you need additional information. .

Algae growth

Although less common in the spa water, algae can easily accumulate on the inside edge or bottom of the hot tub cover. Both the water and cover must be treated to resolve water quality issues. Appy Clear-View algaecide, dry the cover and secondarily treat with 303 Protectant.

Chlorine, Bromine or Salt

Heavy bather load tends to stress chlorine resulting in increased odors or skin irritation. Bromine does not accumulate odors or cause skin irritation and is less PH dependent. Only use a Bromine compatible shock disinfectant such as HASA Shock Oxidizer. Salt systems result in less skin irritation and they resonate with many users but their corrosive nature (especially at high temperatures) have been shown to reduce component life.

Pool DoctoRx and Spa offers complete drain and fill, filter clean, line flush and controller check for $150 + chemicals. For other water issues such as minerals, metals, phosphates, or chemical imbalance please consult with our store manager 208-287-3747 x 3

Common Equipment Problems

Hot tubs have become sophisticated, therapeutic spas run from a 110v or 220v power source and consist of single or multiple pumps, heaters, heating sensors, multiple valves, plumbing, computerized control boards, moving jets and may be encased in various levels of insulation including sprayed foam insulation. Chemical balance and routine, periodic technical maintenance can help preserve your investment.

Heaters, Pumps and Sanitation: Heating and circulation are interdependent – poor water flow may result in undesirable water temperatures.

First look at your controller, is it displaying and error code? If so, pull out your user manual or go online to the manufacturers website and download a copy which will tell you what the error code means. Sometimes the error code itself may be incorrect. For example, FL1 may say you have an air lock but the problem could be a clogged, cracked, leaking (or in winter) frozen plumbing line.

Next, remove and examine your filters and check to see whether they need to be cleaned or replaced (Bio-Dex filter clean). Also check to see if there is debris (leaves, toys, etc.) obstructing the filter. Check the underside of your spa cover for algae.

After that run your jets to insure they are ALL operational. A failing pump or clogged line can also result in poor water quality, cooler than expected water temperatures or jets operating at reduced flow. If the jets don’t all function well, you probably have a circulation problem and likely need service. If your spa is under warranty, call the dealer where you purchased the unit, otherwise call Pool DoctoRx and Spa.
Pumps and Jets work but no / poor heating: Heating sensors, heating elements and the electronic controller can all fail. Call your original dealer if in warranty otherwise call Pool DoctoRx and Spa.

Sanitation: Many spas come with Ozone Generators, if they fail or degrade, there may be an error code on the controller or possibly a light on the generator. Check for a “gassed off” ozone odor when the spa cover is slightly lifted. The next step is to remove the side panel, identify the ozone generator, disconnect the hose from the check valve, can you smell the ozone? Still uncertain? Call Pool DoctoRx and Spa 208-287-3747 x 3

Hot Tub Covers: If the cover is also old, smelly, waterlogged or failing, you can order a new custom Pool DoctoRx Spa Cover, made to order in a wide array of colors and thicknesses. Produced, serviced and warrantied right here in our area. Apply 303 Protectant upon receipt to improve longevity (available in our store).