Treat Your Guests to a Healthy and Sparkling Clean Pool and Hot Tub Experience

We sell and service a variety of commercial-grade pool and spa equipment from the leading manufacturers. You can count on Pool DoctoRx and Spa for regular maintenance, repairs, and all the water care products, filters, and supplies needed to keep your pool and hot tub in premier condition.

A hot tub or spa makes a wonderful addition to certain types of businesses. If you're in an industry that sells luxury, being able to offer your clients a relaxing soak in a warm, spacious spa is a great benefit.

Guest Service Industry (Hotel, Motel, Rental Properties and Air B&B)

We live in an age (viruses, bacterias, algae and contaminants) where it is imperative to keep your Pool or Spa in optimal condition with regular cleaning. We are the largest provider of commercial cleaning programs, and we'll help you find the one that works for your usage patterns. We even offer (optional) electronic monitoring of PH and Alkalinity when bather loads fluctuate and safety is critical. Remember bather loads and environmental conditions affect sanitary conditions. Our cleaners clean, measure and record your pool or spa conditions and send you real-time test results. Proper water balance is equally important to prolong the life of pool equipment. Numerous additional services are available to repair equipment, plumbing, lose tile, coping or plaster.


  • Guest Services properties (Motels & Hotels)
  • Property Management Companies
  • Public Pools

Bob V. | Google

"Here is a big shout out to Kaleb and Adrienne! Kaleb has serviced our pool and spa a few times now. He is very courteous and experienced, he explains everything very well and gets the job done right, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. And Adrienne helps us out so much, she is so understanding and works with us to get everything business related just the way we need it, she is also a great pleasure to work with. I would like to thank them both very much for all they do for us. They are both such a great asset to your organization."